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Ideas are the real commodity
Posted on July 18, 2007 by jeb

This struck me today. 

Maybe we are entering the Age of Idea?  

Protecting Your Company's Reputation Online from Evil Bloggers!
Posted on June 11, 2007 by jeb

I was at a lunch meeting recently with a client who works for a fairly large corporation and he brought up a problem they are having with their online reputation. Someone had started a website that was called "Why (Company Name) Sucks" and it was ranking really high in the search engines for searches for "Company Name". 

So what can you do when your company's good name is being trashed by anonymous bloggers online? I was thinking about this when I came across this article, "Web Attack" in Business Week which addressed the very issue my client was dealing with.

Basically there are two options to responding to an attack on your company's reputation. The first is to ignore it, hope it goes away. The second is to shower the blogger and their community with transparency. Admit to some points, create a blog of your own to address their concerns, post your own videos on, do an interview with the blogger, etc. 

Depending on the size of the attack either option is valid. In the case of my client I suggested the second line of attack since the blog and it's comments had becoming a meeting place for individuals unhappy with the company's service.


My Space vs Facebook- who is better and why
Posted on May 25, 2007 by jeb rolled out their new interface last night that allows outside developers to create applications which will run on the Facebook platform.

Article From CNN about 

What's this mean? Basically it means that Facebook is about to get a lot cooler since users will be able to do all sorts of fun stuff within their and their friend's profiles, like play games, listen to music, read news feeds, watch videos, chat, etc. Basically anything that can be done online can be done within your Facebook profile. 

This is the latest of a series of steps Facebook has taken to distinguish itself from its competition including the social network monster My Space.

The problem with My Space is that it has become everyone and no-one's space. I think I know maybe 25% of my "friends" on My Space but I know all my friends on Facebook. Facebook is set up to create real community and real interaction whereas My Space is set up as a popularity contest.

Programming-wise My Space is a complete mess. It's hard to believe that they haven't revamped the site with all the money they supposedly have. Whereas Facebook has spurned selling out (for a reported $1 Billion) and continued growing and refining its site into what is now one of the most impressive around in terms of functionality and usabilty. 

So who is going to win the My Space versus Facebook duke out? I'll put my money on Facebook. I give My Space another year at most before we start seeing the masses shift to the vastly better platform of Facebook.