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3 Simple SEO Tips That Can Dramatically Change Your Site's Ranking
Posted on April 15, 2007 by jeb

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem mysterious to newcomers so I wanted to give you 3 basic tips that can dramatically improve a site's traffic. Naturally I would recommend you have a professional web developer (hint hint) implement or oversee these changes but if you are savvy you can do them yourself. 

1. Content- be descriptive! Page titles (ex- Indianapolis Remodeling Company- Painting, Roofing, Roofs, Additions, Contractor, Free Quotes), specific URLs (ex- home_remodeling_pictures.html) and on-page content. Don't go overboard and spam keywords by using them too many times. Also, add new content often. Sometimes changing a word from the singular to plural (Roof vs Roofs) can take your site from page 5 to page 1 on Google for a desired search phrase. I've seen it happen.

2. Traffic- the more traffic your site has the more important search engines think it is. So make sure you are driving people to your site via email, Pay Per Click, etc.

3. Links- go to and find out how many sites are linking to your site. You can also see what your ranking is compared to all the sites on the web. The more sites that link to your site, and just as importantly how good those sites are (i.e. how much traffic they have), will greatly affect your search engine rankings. We look for a small business site to have 100+ external links. In some situations you may need many more to be competitive. If requested we can suggest a third party service who will create links for your site.

Of course there are many other aspects to SEO but these are the big three that can easily take a site from page 10 to page 1 for relevant searches. 

Let us know if you need to improve your site's ranking. We can put together a package that will dramatically increase your ranking and therefore your traffic. We can also provide very specific metrics showing results for keywords and traffic. 

CMS- Content Management Systems on the web
Posted on March 26, 2007 by jeb

We recently developed our own customized CMS for websites we build. In talking with clients it has become clear that one of the main issues they run into is the problem of updating their websites. In the age of My Space users are getting used to being able to customize web pages, what was once thought to be something that only a professional could do is being done by almost every user on the web.

We researched other out of the box CMS solutions including e107, Joost and Drupal but none really accomplished what we knew our clients would need. So we have built our own in-house CMS that we then customize for each client. This saves the client money and time from year to year since they don't have to come to us to make changes to the website.

Our CMS driven websites start at $2000. Contact us for more information and a demo.  

Musical Family Tree/Small Box Video Podcast Volume 1 02/01/07
Posted on February 2, 2007 by jeb

PJ and Jeb finally sat down and did the first video podcast for Musical Family Tree and Small Box. We talk about our upcoming and current projects, new music on, a little gossip and other fun stuff.