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Can you help me understand what the web is all about?
The web is all about getting your ideas, service, or business in front of a large distributed audience. Whatever your message, we know that there is a niche that will want to easily find and utilize your website. Getting your ideas out there does not need to be difficult, but if you find you need assistance, Small Box Consulting and Design is your full service web agency to solve your problems and accomplish your goals.
How can I get my site to show up in search engines?
Search engines are not an exact science, but sites that use our 7 step process have always seen improved results in their placement in the largest search engines. Here is an example of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work. Don't be fooled by slick marketers who will promise to submit your site to search engines, most of them are irrelevant. The ones that really count don't need anyone to submit, they are looking for clues in your pages, will they find them?
Can you update or fix my website?
Sure, we have an affordable hourly rate and can work in several programming languages including HTML, XML and PHP. It doesn't matter if you need your site rebuilt, a facelift, updated content or new content, whatever it is we can solve your problems.
Can I update my own website?
Building and updating websites can be simple or difficult depending on a variety of factors. Beginning web designers can get a page online but it may or may not have significant problems in layout, bugs, or browser compatibility. A site like this may present several obstacles to you updating it yourself.

A well planned and executed site may be much easier if you are familiar with basic principles of web design and are comfortable examining and correcting problems with the code. There are many tools available to assist you.

Small Box can also build a simple to use administrative interface where you log in and make updates in a web browser. It is an easy to use solution that allows you to have control over a few pages, or your entire site.
How can I get the most out of my e-mail contacts?
Your e-mail lists and customer contacts are a valuable commodity for you. Treat them right and you may develop lifelong consumers, but if you don't, you run the risk of losing them forever. If you don't have a Privacy Policy that would be the first step, to create one that both you and your contact can live with.

Small Box can help you track your communication and it's effectiveness so you can streamline and improve your message. What is the best time of day? What are some language triggers that improve click through? How can you gauge the success? We can guide you through the process.
Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Sure, let's set a time to meet and you present a document. Just make sure it's simple so we don't have to call our lawyer to explain it to us!
Can I make content password protected on my site?
Absolutely. For reasons of confidentiality you might want to make a secure client communication site like an Extranet, an internal site like an Intranet, or simply hide documents, webpages, or images from prying eyes.
What is Viral Marketing?
In short, Viral Marketing uses technology to enable the user to spread your content. The classic example is Hotmail which encouraged anyone receiving an email to create their own free account. Another example is when you are reading an article and there is a link to "Send this article to a friend".
Do you do Graphic Design?
Yes! Although we don't list it as a service we do have a freelance graphic designer who does most of our graphic design for web and print. We are all trained in Photoshop so we sometimes handle it ourselves. But collectively we have the experience to create almost any needed design for print or web. Please contact us for a project quote if you are interested in this as an ala carte service.