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latest project // RippleFX- Indianapolis Sound Design Company
An Indianapolis Indiana sound design company. The website features a robust CMS and client extranet. One of our favorite projects.view site
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We believe the success of every project is founded on clear communication between all parties. Once a communication protocol is established our Project Manager PJ Christie will keep the project on track with weekly deliverables. We make it our business to deliver your website on time.

  • Scope of project
    Whether a site is large or small, they all begin with a conversation about problems, goals, and expectations.
  • Proposal
    All Small Box clients receive a thorough proposal containing our proposed solutions, description of services, and cost.
  • Functionality Checklist
    Our pricing is based on what you need, so within our proposal is a checklist of items which will be delivered at the conclusion of the project.
  • Design Prototype
    If necessary, our proposal will contain some design ideas showing the integration of your branded imagery into a flat layout.
  • Server and Domain issues
    Issues are identified including e-mail, server technologies, hosting and DNS
  • Site Map
    Every site we design starts with a Site Map which is approved by the client.
  • Database Content Outline
    Most sites these days require some kind of database set up and connectivity for we content. This function needs to be completely addressed before the site is built taking into account current and future needs.
  • Final Design Prototype
    Our designer creates one or more visual representations of what the site will look like, including logos, pop-up windows, navigation, and other visual treatments.
  • Copy Writing
    Copy is given a thorough review to enhance language consistency and drafted for any new areas of the site. Upon final review by the client this copy is plugged into the final prototypes.
  • Supplemental Images and Media Production
    All sites contain some kind of branded imagery, photos, and media. This material needs to be optimized for web resolution and its visual treatment always needs to be refined.
  • Building Templates
    The flat Template file is transformed into an web ready document directly using "standards compliant" code.
  • Laying out the Site Design
    These coded templates are the basis for the pages according to the Site Map. Top level navigation connects all the pages together. Textual navigation further enhances connectivity within the site and to external sites when necessary.
  • Building Back End Database
    Typically, databases are created and brought to the web via PHP.
  • Building Front End Management
    The database is updated and controlled via an administrative interface requiring authentication.
  • Posting in a dedicated Staging Area
    All our web projects are posted to our development server for client review.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Although primarily a marketing service, it is best addressed at this stage of development because all code and text is still in play prior to launch. We apply our 7 step process to your pages for the search terms we establish as part of this effort.
Completion and Launch
  • Approval of Site Elements
    We go over the site page by page and address any concerns left over from the Site implementation.
  • Final Site Checklists
    All concerns are assigned a person responsible for that task, and upon completion a launch date is set.
  • Testing and Debugging
    Site is checked against all modern browsers and operating systems for compliance and bug issues, which are systematically identified and corrected prior to launch. Address Server and domain issues identified in the Discussion phase.
  • Site Launch
    The big day, Internet records are updated to point to the new site, now the work of marketing your site can begin.