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latest project // RippleFX- Indianapolis Sound Design Company
An Indianapolis Indiana sound design company. The website features a robust CMS and client extranet. One of our favorite projects.view site
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project: RippleFX- Indianapolis Sound Design Company
job: A very robust site with high level functionality. CMS allows full control of site content and easy upload and ordering of video, images and audio files. Customized extranet allows easy client file sharing. Site was optimized for search engine ranking.
description: RippleFX: is an Indianapolis, Indiana company based in Broad Ripple Village for the past 12 years. Specializing in sound design which everything from jingles to voice overs to music supervision. Clients include many house hold name brands.
project: Lodge On Magnolia- Masters' Hospitality Suite
job: A basic HTML website with embedded Flash video player. Also basic SEO was implemented to improve search engine page ranking.
description: Lodge On Magnolia is a Hospitality suite in Augusta, Georgia. It's busy season is during the Masters when the lodge is used for dining and relaxation by attendees.
project: Artisan Fine Painting
job: A CMS driven small business website with photo galleries, news and other dynamic functionality. Also basic SEO was implemented to improve search engine ranking.
description: Artisan Fine Painting is an Indianapolis, Indiana company specializing in painting, roofing and remodeling. Owner Garrett Mahaffey has 15 years of experience in the trade.
project: Sophia Travis artist website
job: A basic HTML website with a CMS for news/blog updates. Also an embedded music player driven by
description: Sophia is a Bloomington based musician who is also involved with local politics. This site showcases her impressive musical talent, tells the visitor about her interests and links to other sites she is involved with.
project: Indiana 4H Foundation
job: A dynamic site driven by a customized Content Management System. The site also incorporates multimedia, e-commerce and other advanced features and functionality.
description: The Indiana 4H Foundation develops financial resources to support Indiana 4-H Youth Development. Site developed in partnership with Marketing Informatics.
project: Hamilton County Leadership Academy
job: A dynamic site driven by a customized Content Management System.
description: HCLA, the Hamilton County Leadership Academy, is a non-profit here in Indiana. It's goal is to develop leaders for Indiana, specifically Hamilton County which includes Fishers, Carmel and Noblesville.
project: Frank Law
job: HTML Website with basic SEO
description: Website for Indianapolis law firm Frank Law. Site features clean and simple horizontal navigation with basic SEO.
project: Missing Link Records
job: Website built with CMS and online store.
description: Missing Link is record store that needed a website they could update frequently and easily. We built this site for them using our new Content Management System. Site is also integrated with a customized version of CubeCart, an online shopping cart/store.
project: Rock for Riley
job: Dynamic site with integrated store and complete custom content management system.
description: Rock for Riley is a charity organization that raises money for Riley Children's Hospital by putting on concerts. They needed a site that could be updated easily with new content, events, bands, and music. The site features Flash music players to showcase some the artists.
project: Level 6
job: Website with SEO and content management.
description: Level 6 is a public relations company here in Indianapolis. They had a design for the site they wanted and hired Small Box to turn that design into a website.
project: Buy Rite Furniture
job: Design and implementation of a website with some content management.
description: Site was designed to mimic an ad in a newspaper. Certain elements of the site can be updated easily through the content management element.
project: Arthur Murray, Broadripple
job: Flash to HTML translation, SEO, Google Calendar integration.
description: Website for local Arthur Murray location. Client originally had a site done in Flash, but it was not indexing well in search engines. We converted the site into HTML and integrated a Google Calendar so they could easily manage their events.
project: Affordable Bedding
job: Design and implementation using our new Content Management System.
description: Affordable Bedding is the first site to be built with our new Content Management System.
project: New Movers Mailbox
job: HTML website and design
description: New Mover's Mailbox is a new service of Angie's List that creates mailing lists of new movers. This site was designed to mimic the look and feel of Angie's List
project: Umlaut Limited
job: HTML website, design, SEO, and photo gallery.
description: Umlaut Limited is a residential remodeling and renovation company in Indianapolis. Their website was designed to show off their work and help customers find them through search engines.
project: Good Earth Natural Food Company
job: Total redesign of Yahoo! store including customized RTML templates.
description: Good Earth Natural Foods is a brick and mortar store with an online presence through Yahoo! stores. In order to help them capitalize on their growing internet sales we provided them with a new design for their online store front. Work was done in Yahoo's proprietary store editor with customized RTML templates.
project: Hickman + Associates
job: PHP and MySQL website with custom management component.
description: Hickman + Associates is an Advertising and PR company. Their previous site was completely in Flash. In order to improve search engine results, we translated the site to regular HTML.
job: PHP coding with MySQL database. Also incorporates AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).
description: An online to-do list utilizing the latest in Ajax functionality which enables a browser to act much like desktop based software. You can create, edit, re-arrange, share, RSS feed and email your to-do lists. The site is a free service we provide to demonstrate how the web can be used to create business management tools.
job: PHP and MySQL website with back-end client and listing management
description: Realtor website that allows clients to log in and check on the progress of their transaction. Project includes integration with Google Maps and complete back-end system for the realtor to manage their clients and online content.
job: PHP coding with a MySQL database. Extensive Search Engine Optimization.
description: To re-design from the ground up a website that had not been updated since 2000. The goal was to create a modern site that also echoed the classic designs found in Oriental Rugs which the company has featured since 1949.
project: Fiscal Tax Company's
job: PHP coding with a MySQL database. Extensive Search Engine Optimization.
description: To create a clean and modern website that mimics the design of the third party tax filing service Fiscal Tax has contracted. SEO work was done to position at top of results for desirable keywords.
job: PHP and MySQL website and Content Management System
description: Website for an alternative news weekly. Key features of the site include social networking and personalized pages. Users can create their own myNUVO page and customize it with content from the rest of the site. Users can also make friends, send messages, and leave comments. Other features include an online calendar, podcasts, and downloadable music. The site is maintained by a custom written content management system.
job: PHP and MySQL website with animated GIF graphic.
description: Spectrum Health Systems helps companies control their health care costs while improving their employee's health and well being.
job: HTML website to promote independent local artist
description: Artists have the highest standards for simplicity and ease of use. This website lets the images communicate the serenity and originality of hand made ceramics including teapots, cups, and other vessels.
job: PHP and MySQL website with user functionality
description: Online archive of Indiana bands and music. Site features user accounts that allows users to add songs to their playlists and leave comments. Future improvements will include blogs and user submitted content.
job: PHP and MySQL website with integration with in-house database
description: Online antique auction house that offers full web catalog that is synchronized with in-house inventory system
project: Indy Acupuncture
job: Design and SEO for an HTML website.
description: Design and SEO for an HTML website.