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Small Box is your full service Web Design, Marketing and Consulting Agency.
What does a full service agency do for your company? We can build or repair your website, plan a web marketing campaign and put our extensive experience and knowledge to work for your company.

If you are interested in our services please visit our Methods page to understand how we work.

Please Contact Us for a free quote or any questions.

web design services

We understand the web and we know how to design an elegant and highly functional website that stands out, indexes well in search engines and grows your company. Below are our available web design services, if you are interested in how we work please view our Methods.

  • Web Design
    We will deliver a website that is modern and professional, indexes well in all major search engines, looks great, is easy to navigate and easy to update with a customized Content Management System (CMS). View a demo of our CMS here (Login and password are demo). We work primarily in PHP with MySQL databases.

    For examples of our website design and development please visit our Portfolio.

    Please contact us to request a free proposal for your website.

marketing services
Almost every marketing project begins with SEO which optimizes the client's website for search engines. We believe this is the most cost effective way to market a company's services.

We then work to create a marketing package which utilizes any of the following elements with consideration to the client's needs and budget- Banner Ads, Pay Per Click, PR Campaigns, Viral or Buzz Campaigns and Traditional Media including Print, Radio or TV.

We can also provide monthly reports on the success of the various campaigns including additional recommended actions.

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
    There are so many sites that are virtually invisible to Search Engines. Some are built in Flash which does not index in search engines, some are simply not coded correctly. Using our 9 step process we optimize your site to make it easy to find via the common search engines. Packages start as low as $200.
  • Web Marketing
    After optimization your website for search engines we will promote your site with a combination of PPC (Pay Per Click), banner ads, exchanges and/or press and media relations. Marketing your website lets the world know who you are, what you are offering and how you are different. We recognize that keeping brand and message consistency across integrated efforts is the key to long term success.
  • Viral/Buzz
    In combination with SEO and Web Marketing a Viral or Buzz marketing campaign can allow you to capitalize on the very nature of the Internet- sharing content. The essence of Viral Marketing is to enable the user to spread your message. We will help spread your content across the web using user driven sites that include MySpace, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Blogs and more to build buzz about your company. We can also add viral elements to your existing website to encourage users to spread your content to their friends.
  • Traditional Media
    Print is far from dead, radio and TV are still effective and other traditional media can be very useful in communicating your message. Although traditional media is often more expensive we encourage incorporating it into an overall marketing strategy when needed. We will design and implement a marketing plan for your company that utilizes traditional media in conjunction with the Web.

Most people that enter the world of online business do so with the expectation that they are going to be able to put up a website that generates significant amounts of money within a few days. However, this is probably not the reality that you are going to deal with regardless of how great your products may be. Many other firms in the Long Island / New York area rely on this method like a local New York SEO company. The second is much more tactical and involves single links to relevant, high quality sites. Guess what? Those are worth their weight in gold and become increasingly harder to find. 

  • Please Contact Us for a customized quote on a Marketing package for your company or organization.
consulting services

We are looking to partner with your business to grow together. We work with several larger companies to help round out their services as well as provide input on how to improve and grow their business using technology. Please Contact Us with any questions or inquiries.

  • Repackaging Our Services
    Our Services are available to your business to use as in-house services. One of our goals as a company is to grow with other like minded companies. If you are offering advertising services and your client needs a website we can provide the service as if it were coming from you.
  • Technology
    Chances are your company may be using outdated software which is crippling your growth. Or you could be unaware of a web based solution which would stream project management. The web is a big place and it isn't your business to know which sites and products to trust, it's ours.
  • Ideas
    The difference between success and failure for many companies is the ability to recognize a good idea, properly implement it and systematically fine tune and improve it. Our desire is to bring fresh ideas that come from our vast experience and knowledge of the web.
  • Presentations
    Sometimes the best approach is to start with the basics. We can create presentations for a specific team or the whole company. Our presentations include such topics as:
    • What is Happening on the Web: User Content Driven Websites
    • How the web is used as a business/work tool: Web Based Software and free desktop software
    • Our work: Combining user content with web based software
  • Proposals
    There are lots of businesses in the Indianapolis area that have their niche, and become quite successful focusing on their specialty. Our specialty is Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing. If you are fulfilling an RFP with a Web Design or Marketing component, you should engage Small Box Consulting's Services to help you build an airtight proposal. Let us be your partner, and we will all reap the rewards of collaborative success. We have worked in partnership with several area businesses. Contact us for more information and referrals.
  • - a free web based to-do list
    An idea whose time has come. In the new working environment where team members are utilizing a variety of web devices and always on the move, Small Box has responded with the collaborative tool. It has one feature that it does extremely well, allow users to create, re-order and edit lists and outlines in real time and then allow that group to mark items as complete. Best of all it is free!
  • Please Contact Us for a customized quote on a Consulting package for your company or organization.